Lutece floral & event design

Sweet Words

Nozomi Heenan “Baby Shower”


Filled with warm powder blue and snowy white color palettes and a gorgeous selection of flowers, my baby shower was like something out of a fairy tale. I was so blown away by not only the shower being a surprise by girl friends but also by the perfection of the set up. Attention to detail was everywhere; color-coordinated cute wall/ceiling decorations, pastel cupcakes with adorable baby themed toppers (my favorite was Bambi!) and all completed with graceful fragrant flowers at every corner of the room (every girl’s dream!). I still can’t put away the pictures from my shower as it was so beautiful and fun! Thank you for making it unforgettable.

Mayuko Shiho “Bridal Shower & Wedding”


A feeling of nature and wonderment overcomes me as I am welcomed by an assortment of pretty and elegant flowers, finding myself in a mysterious princess's room, just as I had coveted when I was a little girl. To a beautiful and gracious princess is a charming prince. Now that I am a bride, I am so thankful for the precious time to remember the feeling of wanting to become a princess, and to reflect on what is beauty - and what is graciousness. This was my bridal shower experience planned by Maiko.

Maiko also created my wedding floral items. When I was at a loss for ideas, she took the time to listen while providing me with many photos and images, helping me compose my thoughts together. She accompanied me to other vendor meetings, lending much needed support. Her florals just flowed with every aspect of the wedding and I absolutely loved the flower tiara made of baby breath. I am so happy I had Maiko as my floral designer. I was in the best hands possible!