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Color Stories – Indian Wedding Inspired

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こちらは先日のIndian Receptioinでお作りさせて頂いたセンターピース。シンプルに単色のご希望で、かつゲストの方にお持ち帰り頂くので、暑い時期でも保ちのよいモカラメインでまとめてみました。



そして、Indian Wedding からインスアパイアを受けたcolor palette





The first photo is a centerpiece I made for an Indian reception. The bride wanted to keep it clean, simple and orange so I used mokara orchids and roses that were complemented by the elegantly shaped and colored champagne gold vases.


Indian weddings are just so beautiful -robust in color and energy and I just cannot help but to create a color palette inspired by their nuptials. 

Orange, Fuchsia, Purple, Aquamarine and Gold – Do these eye popping colors sweep you off your feet the way they do mine?



photos courtesy of:

dress and chandelier: Pinterest,  three Indian ladies:  Pinterest

Sari embroidery: Lutèce Floral, aqua and orange table setting: FLOWER LINENS, draping tent: DAVID TUTERA



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Color Stories – Macaron Inspired

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Ever since I could remember, I’ve always been a huge fan of pastels! I think almost every picture I drew as a kid consisted of some sort of these lovely pastel palettes. If you are looking for a baby shower color theme, this is it! The soft and gentle colors match perfectly the love-filled day for the anticipating mom!  Together with the macaroon-inspired bouquet and other beautiful pastel images,  I hope this adds a little pretty to your muggy Thursday!



{macarons, bouquet, girl with ballons, Merry-go-round, bonechina}

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Color Loving – Summer Party

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屋外パーティーをする機会が増えるのが、夏本番直前のこの時期!いつもとはちょっと違うデコレーションでよりパーティーを盛り上げてみませんか。この時期におすすめのカラーパレットは Fuschia x Green x Blue








I am kicking off this week with a fun, summer color palette! Before we hit the sweltering summer season, its the perfect time for a lovely al fresco afternoon. I mean, what could be more fun and relaxing than a party with your closest friends out in the open air.

So next time you are up for an outdoor treat, why not pop up your party with a little color mixer – Blue x Green x Fuschia


I definitely wanted Blue as it gives a sense of season because it’s THE color of hydrangeas, then I added green to give some freshness and fuschia  as an uplifter.


I hope the way these colors are working together is making you pop!



{pretty macarons, hydrangea & peony bouquet, green wedding cake, bokeh}

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