Lutece floral & event design




ベビーシャワー&ブライダルシャワーを数多く経験、そしてスタイリングする機会に恵まれました。エレガントかつスウィート、それでいてクライアントのパーソナリティがちりばめられた、ユニークで美しい欧米スタイルのパーティーにに心を完全に奪われ、こんな素敵なイベントを日本でもデザインしたいという思いから、Lutèce Floral and Event Design (リュテセ フローラル&イベントデザイン)を立ち上げました。




Growing up in Boston and New York, Maiko Donahue, Owner of Lutèce Floral and Event, was lucky enough to attend numerous weddings, showers and other beautifully designed events. Maiko became so enamored by the romantic and festive western-style traditions (such as baby and bridal showers!) that she decided to start her own floral and event design company to translate her romantic inspiration into a tangible reality for her clients in Japan. Having honed her aesthetic sensibilities overseas, her love for texture, color and composition reflect the romantic, classic and elegant styles upon which the Lutèce Floral and Event Design brand is built.


Maiko’s love for flowers blossomed at the age of four when she found herself manicuring her grandparent’s garden. Later on, she refined her skills by attending floral schools and working at flower shops. Her passion and skill for floral arranging naturally tied into event design. Maiko’s attention to detail knows no limits and she uses only the freshest flowers directly from the market to deliver them at their best for your special day.